Welcome to the Complex System Research Centre (COSREC)
  COSREC achives its goals in research and development of complex systems in:
  • Information and Communication Systems
  Energy Systems
  Mechanical Engineering
  Occupational Safety
  Environmental Protection
  Decision Making
  Risk Management
  Human Resource Management
  Our objectives are:
  International Cooperation
  Lifelong Learning
  Promoting of Science and Research
  Proposing Projects
  Project Management and Coordination
  Coordination in provision of financial resources from domestic and foreign stimulating funds or interested investors for the implementation of the ongoing projects
  Educating the public on the importance of the ongoing and planned projects for the community development and their implementation opportunities
  Protection and Conservation of the Environment
  To achieve our objectives:
  we collect, process, and select the priority projects of interest in the field of complex systems;
  we organize and coordinate the development of the project methodology, prepare the required project documentation, bussines plans, elaborate on the necessary forms for applying to domestic and foreign funds, negotiatiate with investors interested in financing individual projects;
  we work on establishing a high level of cooperation with the relevant ministries, universities, schools, chambers of commerce, businesses, organizations, societies, associations, business associations, media, and all other relevant subjects in the country and abroad who are interested in exploring complex systems;
  we collect and process scientific and technical literature in the field of complex systems;
  • we organize, independently or in partnership with other organizations, professional meetings, conferences, seminars, and other forms of education in the field of complex systems;
  we publish books and work on other publications related to complex systems;
  we create web pages, blogs, and software.
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